Unstuck In Time: St. EOM, Pasaquan, Here, Now

Published September 26th 2023
By David Onri Anderson

Saturn by David Onri Anderson

Image of my Saturn painting with ceramic instruments by Julia Elsas at the Bo Bartlett Center.

The title of the exhibit is called 'Unstuck In Time: St. EOM, Pasaquan, Here, Now' held at both the Bo Bartlett Center and Pasaquan in Columbus, Georgia.

The dual exhibits are curated and led by artist couple Pete Schulte and Amy Pleasant of Fuel & Lumber Company.

The exhibitions commemorate the life, art, and legacy of Eddie Owens Martin or St. EOM (1908-1986) and include various contemporary artists who share in such a spiritual legacy. The artists exhibiting are: Ryan Akers, David Onri Anderson, Merrilee Challiss, Julia Elsas, Erik Frydenborg, Leia Genis, Sonya Yong James, St. EOM (aka Eddie Owens Martin), Robert Morgan, New Future City Radio (Damon Locks and Rob Mazurek), Sarah Peters, Sonic Mud (Julia Elsas, Kenny Wollesen, Kirk Knuffke, Madeleine Ventrice), Sergio Suarez.

The exhibits opened September 15 & 16 and are up until December 16.